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And more news … October 30, 2010

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Follow on from yesterday’s news …Telegraph: Why leading accountants say Child Benefit fines will not work

BBC: High earners face fines over child benefit declaration

Cameron has stated that he does not foresee problems with the policy suggesting that top rate taxpayers would be honest enough to give up the benefit voluntarily. However, the first paragraphs of the BBC news suggests that penalties are going to be introduced for non-disclosure. They really need to make up their minds.

Things seem to be getting more complicated as the days by and I’d personally save myself further embarrasment and lay this one to rest!


Child benefit cuts – a small victory. October 28, 2010

You would have thought the Lib Dems would be delegated to give us some postive news once in a while as they don’t seem to be involved with any real governance, but as this coalition government has consistly been ‘bad cop, bad cop’ we are forced to look elsewhere for good news.

I came across this today, I literally LOL-ed when I read it:
Wall Street Journal Europe: Child Benefit Cut ‘Unenforceable,’ Treasury in a Flap

As reported by Channel 4:
Channel 4 Child benefit cuts could be “unenforceable”

People 1 Govt 0. Buyaka!


Saturday? Already? October 16, 2010

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Surrounded by sickies! At work and at home! Have been a bit lax but I’m definitely fighting something off too, just not feeling right at the moment.
New link on the sidebar, you can find and contact your MP quite easily (who knew?)

Find and Contact Your MP UK

Just over 200 signatures on the petition 300 to go – getting there so thanks everyone!.

CHILD BENEFIT CUTS: Stop chancellor from unfairly targeting one-parent & single-income families.


Yaaay!!! October 12, 2010

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Yes it works, site pretty much work in progress, but at least progress is being made, time to chill the Asti!

Mmm Child Benefit out of the news! Need more signatures, just under 200 so far. Need to have a think, am definitely an amateur at this, very green, but not one to give up without a fight! Onwards and Upwards!


First … October 11, 2010

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Hi there really exicited, this is my first blog….mmm lost for words, still feeling my way round, more cohesive later I hope 🙂