Mum Against Unfair Child Benefit Cuts

Mum with a bee in her bonnet…

Aaah more news … November 26, 2010

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So perhaps voting wasn’t a total waste of time…

MP’s warn of risks over child benefit cuts UK

Oh and petition still going, almost 300…

CHILD BENEFIT CUTS: Stop chancellor from unfairly targeting one-parent & single-income families


Not to get political but…Fair it isn’t November 10, 2010

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The conservatives seems to be very fond of the word ‘Fair’. I heard it again recently  in relation to the increase in university tuition fees -frankly not sure which I’m more upset about CB cuts or this – George Osborne insists the rise is is  not only fair but ‘progressive’ too.  What the hell does that mean? Progessive for whom? – certainly not my family.

In any case 24,000 students  feel so strongly that are marching against the increase in London today. Well done students! Good on you!


And more news … October 30, 2010

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Follow on from yesterday’s news …Telegraph: Why leading accountants say Child Benefit fines will not work

BBC: High earners face fines over child benefit declaration

Cameron has stated that he does not foresee problems with the policy suggesting that top rate taxpayers would be honest enough to give up the benefit voluntarily. However, the first paragraphs of the BBC news suggests that penalties are going to be introduced for non-disclosure. They really need to make up their minds.

Things seem to be getting more complicated as the days by and I’d personally save myself further embarrasment and lay this one to rest!


Child benefit cuts – a small victory. October 28, 2010

You would have thought the Lib Dems would be delegated to give us some postive news once in a while as they don’t seem to be involved with any real governance, but as this coalition government has consistly been ‘bad cop, bad cop’ we are forced to look elsewhere for good news.

I came across this today, I literally LOL-ed when I read it:
Wall Street Journal Europe: Child Benefit Cut ‘Unenforceable,’ Treasury in a Flap

As reported by Channel 4:
Channel 4 Child benefit cuts could be “unenforceable”

People 1 Govt 0. Buyaka!


Tory Spending Review October 20, 2010

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Apparently Child Benefit Cuts due to realise 2.5billion rather than 1billion – so it’s all done and dusted then?
Is that why Osborne looks so smug?