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Got a plumber! October 17, 2010

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Plumber came, isolated the pipe, water flow quelled now onto dealing with my insurers to get cistern replaced – oh joy! Well didn’t waste the day waiting for the plumber, tidied up the garden, moved the grass, swept up the leaves and even did a little weeding. Long overdue – was getting a bit wild and wonderful. Therapeutic for me and sure my neighbours are a bit happier now they’ve got their view back!


Where’s a plumber when you need one?

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17/10/10 @ 1am, there’s a knock on my door…darling daughter meekly pops her head in to let me know the loo’s broken. Broken? I ask, how come? Well broken’s an understatement, it’s like Niagara falls in there! Tank on the floor, pipe spouting like a geyser. The explanation ‘I closed the door and the tank fell’ didn’t wash – I’m no Jane Tennison, but I could see immediately she had been sitting or standing on it as the pot pourri and other bric a brac had been moved to the window sill.

Well, my plumbing skills are as good as my embroidery skills which is to say I have none. Twisted shut a thingy on the pipe and some knobs under the sink and luckily water flow stopped. Phew! However, I’m now wide awake knowing Sunday’s going to be spent sorting this out. Lovely!